Muslim Is/Are Not A Terrorist/s - Unbelievers of Islam are supporters of Terrorism but Islam is the Religion of Peace.

When America Takes 1 Million Lives in Iraq For Oil : Not Terrorism ?

When Serbians rape Muslim women In Kosovo/Bosnia Herzegovina : Not Terrorism ?

When Russians Kills 200.00 Cherchens In Bombings : Not Terrorism ?

When Jews Kick Out Palestinians And Take their Palestinian Land : Not Terrorism ?

When America Drones Kill entire Family In Afghanistan/Pakistan : Not Terrorism ?

When Israel Kills 10.000 Lebanese Civilians Due to 2 mising Soldiers : Not Terrorism ?

When Myanmar Soldiers are killing innocent people in Arakan Not Terrorism ?

When Muslims Retaliate and Show you How treat Muslims : Terrorism. No Islam is Religion of Peace.

Christianity and Judaism Government Politics " is Terrorism" That's why - Fuck you USA - Israel - Germany - France - Russia Government Politics

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