About Reference Laboratory_Medical System 

Standardize traceability of products through Reference laboratory, to provide accurate and reliable clinical test results.

-Execute the most reference measurement procedures for in-vitro diagnostic product in China
-Domestic initiative - the establishment of reference measurement procedures for serum electrolytes based on ion chromatography
-IFCC-RELA participation: 19 items (largest number of experimental projects all over the world), all items passed.
-Completed more than 40 items of traceability, got 10 traceability certificates.

IFCC-RELA Participation

Reference laboratories participated in 2013 IFCC-RELA with the most items

No. Company Item Item number
27 Instand e.V HbA1c,AST,Li,k,Na,Ca,Mg,Cl,Cortisol,Cr,Digitoxine,Glu,Testosteron,TP,UA,Digoxin,Theophylline,LDH 18
87 MedicalSystem ALT,AMY,AST,CK,GGT,GLU,LDH,TBIL,Urea,UA,CR,ALP,K,Na,Ca,Mg,Cl 17
3 Schumann ALT,AMY,AST,CK,GGT,LDH,ALP,GLU,TBIL,TP,Li,K,Na,Ca,Mg,Cl,Theophylline 17
1 Institut fder University 17OH-Progesterone,Aldosterone,Cortisol,Cr,Digitoxine,Estriol,Estradiol-17β,Triiodthyronin,Progesterone,Testosteron,Thyroxin,T-CH,TG,Urea,UA,Digoxin 16

27- A German standards organization
3- Professor Schumann's laboratory, leader in enzymology.
1-IFCC-RELA organizers